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Notice on the international EMS standard parcel information to fill

Dear customer,
Then China Post, to avoid international EMS Mail address and other relevant information to fill due to irregularities caused
by delivery delays , now fill in the details of international EMS requirements and precautions to reiterate the following ,
please obey our customers :
1, must be proficient in English or text fill in the recipient country of destination addresses and contact details .
2, can not only be a PO Box number as the recipient‘s address . The recipient‘s name and address to fill out ,
may not be used for short , abbreviations or jargon . E-mail address is not due to error or delay in delivery caused detailed
postal sector bears primary responsibility.
3 , in order to avoid the message reporting an unknown cause and the resulting delays in customs fasteners faction
voted aging , must fill out the declaration in English item name, number and country of origin, such as sending goods
are indeed a gift to the recipient , but also must be filled with the name of the specific items , such as Mini mobile phone ,
to declare filled in as : Gift (phone). The article prohibits the simple name declared as "Sample ( Sample ), Gift ( gift ),
Personal effects ( personal items ) " and other generic names.
4, to avoid recipients incur additional import duties and the resulting delays aging cast faction must fill out name and
declared value of goods declaration , the declared value must be in U.S. dollars USD as the currency unit .

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