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Indian shipment notification requirements

Dear Customer:
DHL received notification addressed to the accompanying invoice format local Indian shipment requirements are as follows:

1, invoices English name expressed as "invoice" can not be accepted expressions have "profoma invoice",
"customs invoice", etc.;
2, the need for the sender or the authorized representative‘s signature on the invoice;
3, if the cargo carrier for the commercial samples must indicate on the invoice
"Free Trade Sample for Testing / Sample Purpose, No Foreign Exchange Involved";
4, if the goods contained in personal / corporate gifts, must be marked "Personal Gift, No Foreign Exchange Involved"
on the invoice;
5, can not appear on the invoice marked "Value for Customes Purpose Only";
6, regardless of commodity goods, samples or gifts, etc., are required to accurately report the value of the goods;
7, if the set of chemical / pharmaceutical and other items, provided the manufacturer issued by the relevant product
test reports and certificates of analysis to accelerate the clearance process

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